Master Class 7 Intensive Hair and Makeup Total Master Class 4 day

 It can be a daunting industry, and many individuals and professionals have come to Claire over the years with the same question – “How do I start?” She has carefully put together the perfect introductory package which can be taken over several weeks or as a block. The benefit of these Classes is the fact you are solely supervised by Claire or one of her M.A.C.H team trainers, and can move at your pace, this is your time, your energy yet she will make sure you are pushed adequately, which improves your self esteem and confidence in all the right places. You aren’t part of a mass group and stationary while others catch up. Its intensive aspect allows you to really bloom by the end of even one day! It’s a starting point for someone who feels that they may wish to pursue a career as a professional Make-up Artist and even those who have already embarked on the journey and need some extra ammunition!

With the way Claire have designed this, it can also be individually tailored to those who wish to simply enhance their existing Make-up and Hair skills.

A fantastic all in one Master Class condensed to 4 days, but certainly not diluted! You will soon start to see your strengths and from these Claire/trainer will encourage you and move you forward in your session to discover and accomplish your true potential in a short time. Your weakness of course will be highlighted and these will turn to strengths with Claire/teams guidance and straight forward tips and techniques, allowing you to master your art.

This 4 day Intensive allows you to move at your pace and covers all aspects of basic Make up/Hair onto Advanced Make up/ Hair by the 3rd day. This day is also your chance to create 3 - 4 set ups for a shoot. You will create 'your' looks throughout the day, moving from 1 make up to the next, developing the look as you go along. Hair also will be a key factor here, as you manage to change the looks dramatically with ease following Claire/teams techniques and calm nature, guiding you throughout…

The 3 - 4 looks allow for 6 - 8 professional images for your portfolio, be it on line or printed. The 4th day is split into 2. The morning is Avant Guarde and the afternoon is a chance for you to go over any areas you felt you needed to go over, before the end of the 4 days. Bare also in mind, we are then available for after care and advice indefinitely.

* Introduction to your kit * Hygiene within your kit/studio * Skin preparation/skin care products *Application of foundation and concealer * Eye Make-up techniques-shading, blending & highlighting * Application of eyeliner including gel * Application of Mascara and using curlers * How to get the essential natural look and all the way through in various stages to the Smokey eye look and high fashion trends in both current and future Make-up * Make-up for special occasions * Correct application of false eyelashes * Eyebrow shaping * Application of lip gloss, liner, blusher, bronzer and how to remove Make-up with ease and precision * Marketing yourself  * Portfolio advice

Basic Hair –
*Hair care
*hair type
*Blow drying
*Back combing
*face shape
*Creating 2 – 4 Basic styles over 2 Days
*OR 4 – 6 basic styles over 2 to 4 days
Intermediate Hair –
* Vintage
*Various Era’s
*High Fashion
*Bridal *Boutique
*Girl next door
*Up do’s
*half up half down…

This Master Class runs for 4 days. It can be taken solidly or taken over several weeks to suit your schedule.

Claire will also tailor make the 4 days Master Class to suit ‘your’ needs.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions to Claire and for her to demonstrate anything, looks and technique you may feel you need to cover throughout the time spent on this unique “One to One” Master Class!

Day 3 of the 4 DAYS - This is an invaluable photo shoot day with a professional commercial/fashion photographer and includes 4 - 5 set up’s.
This is ideal for those artists wishing to create and build up their portfolio, without the need for endless test days.

An established commercial photographer/team are used and a CD of images is provided - untouched and re touched images will be included on the disc, for you to see your progression.

Included in the 4 days - All makeup and hair equipment, a different model per day, including 2 for the shoot day, photographer, refreshments, lunch, Full write up of your Master Class with images throughout, full step by step guides to your created looks.

*As an optional extra sumptuous accomodation including private bathroom and breakfasts/dinners for 3 or 4 nights.

Time - 10am - 5pm

Price - Upon application.