The aim of this 1 day Make up Master Class is to enable either the aspiring artist or beginner to build their confidence and be able to use all manner of Make up for a variety of applications and create a dramatically different effect in minutes (essential to any working Make-up and Hair Artists, especially at Fashion shows and Photo shoots, the Photographer will love you for it!)
Her trainers and Claire herself will design a unique Master Class where you will understand the basics of Makeup, equipment and products. This is a hands on day where you will learn the fundamental importance of:

  • Skin type

  • Skin prep, including up to date product knowledge

  • Flawless foundation application considered by Claire as ’essential’.-Colours and textures are heavily featured

  • Express make up changes - again the photographers and clients will love you even more.

  • Eyebrows and Eyelash preparation

  • Contouring/Highlighting

  • Maintenance of Make up throughout a day on a shoot or for TV, Commercials, Advertising and Music.

Your trainers will also spend time with you to answer questions and provide you with ways to develop and progress in order to work professionally as a Makeup Artist.

The day is also centred around confidence building and therefor increasing your speed whilst simultaniusly making sure you know how to perfect the look, finer details others miss!

All equipment provided (feel free to also bring your kit if you would like expert advice on your contents and gaining full potential from your kit), model, lunch, refreshments throughout the day.

Time 10am - 5pm approx- (we are very flexible and will run over if we need to until we complete the session).