M . A . C . H  TEAM

Following Claire’s increasingly growing schedule with Mr Richie and her devoted clients, in 2009, Claire and Dominique Ventura went in search of ‘New Talent’ within the Makeup & Hair Artist industry. The response was enormous, and within a matter of weeks, had more than 2,000 emails from hopefuls around, not only the UK and British Isles, but also as far afield as South America and Japan.

Following a month of interviews & assessments the final selection was made, and the successful 10 amazing artists, all based within the UK and covering skills within all areas of the media, were chosen.
Those that needed extra training within Make up &/or Hair, took a Master Class with Claire to ensure they obtained the necessary skills in order to be working with her, individually or as part of the team.

This process was repeated in February 2011 with interviews and assessments taking place until the end of July 2011, due to the ever growing demand for first class artists, when another 8 artists were found.

Claire’s aim was to give an opportunity to all those out there that had maybe trained for years and still remained stuck in a rut, no idea where to go with their artistry, to access in order for the artists to also realise their weaknesses and natural strengths, to show case how ‘qualifications’ aren’t essential to a commercial working Makeup & Hair Artist, and that natural ability, personality, passion, determination and vision, will win over every time!

Claire has an enormous passion for her work and each and every client,  past, present and future is as important as the next. Her love for bringing out the best in people, and encouraging them to find their passions, has led her to develop the ‘M.A.C.H Master Classes’.
Each and every one tailored to suit the individual Artist. Her unique approach and intensive ONE TO ONE classes are key to bringing out any artists natural ability and encouraging them with guidance and understanding, to obtain the level they so desire.
Her trainers are now some of the leading members of the M.A.C.H team, all working purely on a One to One basis – ‘an essential key element and crucial in order for the individual to achieve promptly and solidly their goals’.

Incredibly proud of the ‘Elite’ team they have formed, and delighted to be presenting them and of course Claire herself, to some of the world’s leading actors, film premiers, productions, magazines, advertising campaigns, and musicians.