Master Classes

I am delighted to be able to create my Master Classes for the individualís needs, allowing you to highlight your own goals therefore by choosing one of the many I have created on the pages to follow, or by working with you and assessing your strengths and weakness and creating a bespoke Master Class, saving unnecessary time, energy and investment.

All my Master Classes are on a One to One basis either taken by myself or one of my trainers, who are also part of the M.A.C.H team. A variety of packages are available to suit all levels and budgets, nothing is too small or too large for us to cater for. I am blessed to have with me some of the UKís top Make up & Hair Artists as part of my team, not only in my creative team but also here where they join me and run the Master Classes and events.

They have worked with many of my celebrities, VIPís and industry names over the past decade.Their passion for this industry is apparent in their creativity and wealth of knowledge, together with their unique nature, essential to bring out the best in any one!

We work at your pace, and also try to push you when we feel you are capable of more, we encourage and guide you to realise your true ability and talent, this increases confidence two fold and youíll see how fast you improve and move on to the next subject. Then itís a case of practice makes perfect, but the grounding and essential foundations are laid. We are also able to offer the artist photo shoots within the Master Classes and the option to create some key images guided by ourselves with the photographer.

For the beginner or advanced, this, I feel is an essential key part in the process of becoming a top working commercial artist. It again saves time and energy on a multitude of testing days and you and the photographer together with our knowledge will allow you to leave the day or days with first class portfolio images, full of a wealth of skills, knowledge and confidence in yourself to know you have truly mastered your goals.